Rules at Carpox'R

It is compulsory to use :

  1. A life jacket when using a boat.
  2. A large landing net
  3. Have a boat on each swim
  4. XXL landing mat. Please make sure to wet it when landing a fish.
  5. Use a 30/100 breaking strain nylon line minimum. ( 10 lbs )
  6. Maximum nylon head line (shock leader) of 45/100 is required when having braided main lines 
  7. A head lamp
  8. A carp care kit.
  9. Barbless hooks ONLY - maximum size 4 in size.
  10. Smokers please throw your cigarette ends in a metal box
  11. Make sure you have an insurance ( civil liability)
  12. Please clean your swim before leaving
  13. Wet the fish prior to taking pics
  14. Maximum 3 rods per angler

It is strictly forbidden to :

  1. Use an H marker with a lead and line (only Atropa tube are allowed)
  2. 30/100 breaking strain nylon line minimum. (10 lbs)
  3. Shockleaders of maximum 45/100 are allowed
  4. to use braided main lines without having a nylon head line (max 45/100)
  5. Coated lines or combi rigs are allowed.
  6. Lead core is forbidden
  7. Use H markers or any markers with a lead and line. Only Atropa types are allowed
  8. Keep your car on your swim after having unloaded.
  9. Fish crayfish
  10. Swim in the lake
  11. Keep your fish in a bag or retention sling, even overnight ( you will be expelled immediately if so)
  12. Make a BBQ on the floor ( use proper BBQ and dispose of cold ashes in a bin bag)
  13. Be drunk on the premises

Rules and general information

  1. You will be asked a 50 euro deposit on arrival.
  2. Please respect the boundaries of your swim.
  3. Boats and bait boats are allowed.
  4. You will be given your swim at noon.
  5. You will have to leave your swim at 11 am
  6. It is forbidden to light the water. You may light your swim.
  7. Respect nature, stay quiet and keep your swim clean ( please bring your own bin bags )
  8. Please keep your dog on a leash.
  9. It is forbidden to get visitors and to go out of the premises between 9 pm and 8 am. You will be expelled if so.
  10. Visitors have to leave the swim at 9 pm at the latest.
  11. People who wish to accompany an angler will be charged 10 Euros / 24 h, this includes wife and kids over 12 years old even when not fishing.
  12. Showers and toilets are available on the premises.
  13. You can only fish from a swim that’s numbered. Fishing is No kill.
  14. Please stay on your swim while fishing.
  15. Seeds must be cooked thoroughly. (we regularly check on that)
  16. Peanuts are forbidden.
  17. Should you damage a fish on purpose, you will be expelled immediately.
  18. Anglers who are caught stealing a fish or damaging a fish will be prosecuted.
  19. Should you infringe the above rules, you will be expelled and will not get any refund ( deposit will be kept too)