Welcome to Iles³ (formely called "les 3 îles pêches"). This venue is located in the village of La Tombe, in the department 77 of France, next to Montereau Fault Yonne. It is one hour away from Paris using the A5 (exit at junction 18).

A rich and abundant natural environment

This venue is nestled in the middle of 67 acres of nature. It used to be a fishing centre called « the three islands » and formerly known as « Domaine des 5 étangs ». This mythical gravel pit of the Seine et Marne department was dug in the 70’s and was part of a series of 6 lakes which were all connected to one another. Barges and boats used to go from one lake to another to load gravel and sand before navigating on the Seine River towards Paris. This so called old arm of the Seine had actually been connected to the river for 20 years which explains its current natural diversity. Huge mussels, crayfish and corbicules attracted wild carps which thus remained in those gravel pits. The carps are mostly common carps.

Since boats stopped navigating, nature has taken back its rights and the venue has been changed into 6 distinctive lakes, all independent from one another, but still remaining savage. Our common carps are currently real fighters with golden scales. 30 percent of the cheptel is above 25 kilo (55 lb). 

A technical approach for all anglers

In 2006, about 800 carps were stocked to complete the original stock of 200 to 300 fish. The average depth is 3m to max 5m (11.5ft to 16ft). The bottom of the lake is mainly made of sand, clay and gravel. Three islands split the lake and add to its beauty. They also mean lots of natural food and shelter .

At Iles³ you can only fish from the bank. This gives some sheltered areas to our fish. The venue has all the facilities to make your session a great one, such as toilets and showers.

A Dinner Package is available upon request. Bread and pastries can be delivered on a daily basis.