Rules at l'Arche

It is compulsory to :

  1. Use a large landing net
  2. Use an XXL landing mat and wet it when landing a fish.
  3. Use a 30/100 breaking strain nylon line ( 10 lb mini)
  4. 3 rods maximum per angler
  5. Use a head lamp
  6. Use a carp care kit.
  7. Use barbless hooks ONLY , size 4 max
  8. Dispose your cigarette ends in a can .
  9. Have an insurance ( liability insurance)
  10. Sort out your litter( instructions given on arrival)
  11. Clean your swim on leaving
  12. Wet the fish when taking pics.

It is forbidden to :

  1. Swim in the lake
  2. Leave the car on the swim
  3. Use carp bags or retention slings even during the night ( you will be expelled if so)
  4. Use braided line
  5. Make a fire or BBQ on the floor. Use a proper BBQ . Dispose cold ashes in a bin.
  6. Be drunk on the premises

Rules and general information:


  1. We provide landing net, mat and slings to each angler
  2. A 200euro deposit will be asked on arrival and returned when leaving.
  3. ALL material has to be desinfected by us BEFORE any contact with the water or the fish
  4. Boats and bait boats allowed.
  5. Arrival time at noon.
  6. Departure time 11 am.
  7. Use adequate light for your swim. It is forbidden to light the water.
  8. Respect nature, stay quiet and keep your swim clean (please bring your own bin bags)
  9. Keep your dog on a leash. Remove dog poo.
  10. It is forbidden to get visitors from 9 pm to 8 am. It is also forbidden to leave the premises on these hours.
  11. Visitors must leave the premises at 9 pm at the latest.
  12. Visitors must be announced on arrival.
  13. ALL cars must be parked on the parking in front of Le Prunet
  14. People staying with anglers will have to pay a 10 euro fee / 24 h. This includes wife and kids over 12.
  15. Showers and toilets available o the premises.
  16. You will only be allowed to fish on your numbered swim. Fishing is no kill.
  17. Don’t leave your rods unattended.
  18. Seeds must be cooked thoroughly. We often check on that.
  19. Peanuts are forbidden.
  20. If you damage a fish you will be immediately expelled.
  21. Some fish have a micro fish to be tracked.
  22. Anglers caught stealing or damaging a fish will be prosecuted.
  23. If you happen to infringe the above laws you will be expelled and not be refunded. (deposit included )