Les Tomery's

Les Tomery's

Very well situated

Les Tomery's is to be found in the village of Gisy les Nobles (near Pont sur Yonne) , in the Yonne French department (89). It is a 25 acres big venue and bordered with cotton wood trees, cherry trees and acacias. The lake itself is 17,5 acres big.

It is ideally located between Montereau and Sens, and it will take you 1 hour’s drive from Paris. The other venues of Carpa sens (le Prunet lake, l’Arche and carpodrome) are just 15 miles away , 10 minutes drive.

The margins of this lake are bordered with reeds and make it even more beautiful. It is about 9 to 19 feet deep. Depth is quite steady. Ridges, plateaus, silt and gravel will suit all anglers for various fishing approaches.

Stock and fish

The lake gets its waters from the Yonne River, which means lots of natural food has grown over the last 20 years : crayfish, corbicules, gammars, blood worms are to be found for the great pleasure of our misses the carps.

We have regularly stocked the lake over the past 5 years, in order to add fish to the ones that were already there. There are about 300 carps among which a record at 30kg ( 66 lb). There are also lots of fish ranging from 12 to 20 kilos( 26 to 44 lb). The average weight is 17kg (38lbs). Some sturgeons and Koï carps also contribute to this great stock.


Only 6 swims have been set up on this venue so you can enjoy maximum comfort and space. There is a shelter on swim 4 and 5. There is also a toilet next to swim 4. Boats and bait boats are allowed on this venue.